For the sake of completion, now that we’ve run through all of the sandwiches on the Taco Bell breakfast menu, I figured I may as well do quick posts on the sides. First up, the hash brown! 

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I love fried potatoes in all forms and the fast food hash brown, when done right, is a great disc of crispy potato goodness. Taco Bell’s retails at $1 (once again, using Google for that price), which is actually pricy for a hash brown. I seem to remember McDonald’s offering two for $1, though I can’t currently say if that deal is still on the table. Regardless, this is a decently large hash brown, and if you don’t want to pay $1 for it, it is an option as the side when you order a breakfast meal.

Taco Bell PR really let me down with this description. All we get is “a crispy, shredded potato patty?!” No flowery language, describing the virtues of the potatoes, or how its fried to a perfect crisp and is a perfect compliment to a meal or snack on the go? For shame Taco Bell! Hash browns deserve respect!

Now that I’ve defended the honor of hash browns, how about I actually talk about the eating experience? One of the downsides of ordering so many foods at once is that some things wind up sitting around for a bit before they can be eaten. I’ll be reviewing the hash brown on a curve because it sat in a bag for fifteen minutes before I could eat it (Fast food tip: if you like crispy non-soggy fries but they need to sit in a bag before you can eat, open the top of the bag and ensure that the fries are under the opening to let some of the hot air escape. They won’t be as hot as possible when you eat, but the ventilation prevents them from becoming a disgusting soggy mess).

The hash brown smelled fantastic, which reminded me of McDonald’s, which is my standard for best fast food hash brown. As I mentioned in the AM Crunchwrap post, this was a broader, flatter hash brown. This allowed for more surface area for crunchy batter, so I’m not complaining. And it did remain crunchy even after sitting for fifteen minutes. Luckily, even with it being flat, it still retained some potato taste. It could have used some salt, but that’s my only complaint here. This is a solid hash brown, and it definitely will be the side item I order for any future Taco Bell breakfast purchases.