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I love fried potatoes in any form. Waffled and hashed, shoe stringed and tatered, you name it, I’m eating it. Tater tots, in particular, are really underutilized by restaurants. When done right, their increased surface area is optimized for crunchiness, and the insides can have more of a potato taste than regular fries. Of course, they can be done horribly wrong (re: anything frozen), but tots are amazing when done right. When I saw that Burger King was bringing them back (with cheese!), I was all in for an eating experience.

Unfortunately, Burger King’s ad campaign for this product featured the terrible movie, Napoleon Dynamite. I understand the connection since they were (grossly) prominent in the movie, but I was hoping anyone who actually liked that movie ten years ago had long ago realized it was boring and not funny and wouldn’t feel shame, not nostalgia for that period in their lives. Burger King is betting I’m wrong.

Burger King’s Cheesy Tots will not receive a description because 1) they’re cheesy tater tots, there’s no ad speak that could really dress these up and 2) there is no description currently on Burger King’s site because they may have already been discontinued. We’ll proceed as if they haven’t, because maybe they’ll come back some day. They cost $1.89 before tax as a side order, and that portion gives you seven tots. The tater tots arrive in a box, which was unexpected, and classier than the greasy paper bag that I expected to receive.


I opened the box, and was confused. Each tot looked like a fried ball/fritter or a golden brown hockey puck, not like an actual tater tot. My first bite was not good. They somehow tasted stale, which should have been impossible since I ate them the week they were released, but it seemed as if they had been sitting in a box for the past year.


That stale taste formed a formidable duo with the lack of crunch. An uncrunchy tater tot. The one thing you need to do right! For something that looked battered and fried, the texture was as if someone had baked these at a low temperature to get them hot. It reminded me of eating crappy leftovers.


The cheese in the middle of the tots was a Velveeta-like product. I’m not a huge fan of that taste, so that wasn’t a compliment. Because the tot itself was limp and flavorless, the cheese overwhelmed the potato and it felt like a fried cheese ball. Once again, not a compliment.

If you’ve made it pretty far, it’s evident this was not enjoyable. Without looking back through the archives, the cheesy tots are one of, if not the worst products I’ve eaten for this blog. They somehow managed to be stale, overly cheesy, grease bombs. I did not eat all seven and barely finished half the order. It appears these are no longer available, and I implore Burger King not to return these to the menu unless there’s a new recipe.


Thanksgiving is over. There are no more leaves left on the trees. And it snowed last week. It’s officially the Christmas/holiday season. While Dunkin’ Donuts jumped the gun with the release of one of their holiday themed donuts, they can be excused. I’m a Thanksgiving aficionado, but that holiday is harder to commercialize, so it gets ignored by most stores. However, now that I’m in the holiday spirit, we can discuss Dunkin’s Candy Cane Crunch Donut.


As with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Square , this is a premium donut, and is accordingly priced at $1.09. Upon first glance, the donut was quite bright. It was topped with white frosting, dotted with candy cane shards, as if someone had smashed a candy cane on top of the donut while somehow managing to maintain the structural integrity of a donut with cream filling. My other immediate thought was the damage those shards were going to wreak upon my teeth, because I’m an old man.


Before I took my first bite, I inhaled, and the aroma was a mix of vanilla and peppermint. My first taste combined those two flavors. The candy cane pieces were crunchy and sweet. Luckily, they were also easy to bite through and not ruinous to my teeth. The texture to the candy was thankfully softer than a regular candy cane, giving some resistance without me worrying about yanking out my teeth.

The donut had a minty after taste, as the candy flavor outlasted the vanilla from the frosting. I tasted some of the candy cane shards on their own, and they tasted legit. This donut will fulfill your December candy cane lust, while also satiating your donut needs… if you have such feelings.


Once again, there was a problem with the filling distribution. I can’t remember the last time I had a properly filled donut from Dunkin’, and I’m starting to think this is the new normal, and a properly filled donut would be an anomaly. I got around halfway through the donut before I reached any filling. When I finally reached the cream (or maybe it was frosting), it was incredibly sweet, with a vanilla taste. After longing for the filling, I have to admit that I actually preferred the fillingless half of the donut. Luckily, on the filling side, it was only a thin layer. The donut itself was great. It was soft and fresh and helped prevent the whole thing from becoming too sweet.

In case you couldn’t tell, I really liked the Candy Cane Crunch Donut. I walk by a Dunkin’ every morning on the way to work, and based on its prominent placement behind the counter, and its bright color, it beckons me every morning. The minty taste gets me in the holiday feeling, frosting is awesome, and the filling was tolerable. If you like the combination of vanilla and peppermint, or are intrigued, give it a shot. You probably have around another month to do so.