In my continuing series on Dunkin’ Donuts’ seasonal specific donuts, this post will feature the Vanilla Truffle Donut which I originally ate back in March, but may find itself back on the rotation at some point as Dunkin’ rotates in new flavors every few months now.


Dunkin’s Vanilla Truffle Donut is their standard donut with a cream filling, chocolate frosting, and topped with little pieces of chocolate. On its own, the price was $1.17, continuing my constant shock at how much a donut costs. Not to sound old here, but these used to cost less than $1! And back in the day they were bigger! Old man grumbling aside, this little fella packed a wallop at 390 calories. Yowza. I guess the cost per calorie is reasonable enough.


Taking the donut out of the bag, it smelled fantastic, as donuts always do. I got a nice whiff of the chocolate frosting and vanilla filling inside the donut. Before taking my first bite of the donut, I tried one of the chocolate curly things (truffles?) on the top. There was nothing particularly special that I could discern from that bite. It tasted like a normal piece of chocolate and seemed to be added just for texture.


I finally took my first bite and… it was a regular donut. You generally know what you’re getting with Dunkin’ and this wasn’t the most adventurous flavor to begin with. The dough was soft and sweet and it was definitely fresh. It was the same donut that’d be used for a Boston Kreme. I managed to bite into the side without any filling (also a problem with the Candy Cane Crunch Donut), so those first bites were essentially a fancier chocolate frosting donut. The truffles on top added a different texture, which was nice, but that was still just more chocolate.


I finally reached the vanilla cream filling about halfway through the experience and it did improve the flavor. The first half was too chocolatey for my taste, so the vanilla helped cut and balance that more intense chocolate flavor. Unfortunately, on its own the vanilla cream was nothing special. It smelled better than it tasted, because it didn’t have a strong vanilla flavor that I hoped for. The filling did the bare minimum and probably couldn’t have carried a donut on its own.


Overall, this was a fine donut. If you’re a fan of chocolate and want something with extra chocolate flavor, then I’d recommend ordering the Vanilla Truffle Donut if it’s available again. You won’t be overwhelmed by the vanilla and you’re getting more chocolate than a regular chocolate frosted donut. However, for me and others who don’t want that much chocolate in the morning hours, this is a pass in the future. Boston Kreme still reigns supreme as their best filled donut because they cream has more flavor and blends with the chocolate to produce a better taste.