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After checking in on the Reese’s Peanut Butter Square, it’s time to continue Dunkin’ Donuts week with their Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. As someone who went through most of my life ignoring the fact that breakfast existed and only eating it when absolutely necessary, the revelation that a well-made and constructed breakfast sandwich is truly an amazing thing came to me later in life. While I still can find quibble with portions (there’s never enough bacon to justify ordering bacon as the meat instead of sausage and it’s amazing how many calories are packed into a reasonably sized sandwich), I look forward to any chance when I can eat a good breakfast sandwich (or burrito).

When I saw that Dunkin’ Donuts had rolled out a waffle sandwich, it was only a matter of time before I gave it a shot. While the sticker on the door also showed a non-breakfast option with chicken*, I knew I’d be going breakfast on this one.

*I have actually eaten a chicken patty from Dunkin’ Donuts. I would not advise others to do so. It’s not terrible, but because they don’t have a fryer in-house, it tastes like a frozen chicken patty that you decided to microwave instead of bake because who the hell has 45 minutes to bake a frozen chicken patty just so it can be crispy?

The Dunkin’ Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich contains “Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, American Cheese and Egg, between two delicious Belgian waffles.” The sandwich is priced at $3.99 on its own. It is available as a meal with your choice of beverage, but because there’s so much variation there, I didn’t write the price down. I got mine with a large iced coffee, pushing the cost over $7.


When unwrapping the sandwich, I had two immediate impressions: 1) the sandwich was kinda small and 2) it smelled absolutely fantastic. Like better than McDonald’s hotcakes fantastic, and I think McDonald’s hotcakes (or do they call them pancakes now?) are probably the best smelling fast food. If they tasted half as good as they smelled, I’d eat them at least once a week. Anyway, back on topic, the sandwich smelled great. A sweet aroma, without being too sweet, with a hint of bacon. They could sell this as a cologne. People would buy it and be hungry all the time.


Examining the sandwich… the waffle was floppy, which was disappointing. This comes back to my discussion of Dunkin’ chicken above: because they only have limited appliances with which to cook food, it’s tough to get things crispy. While I wouldn’t have wanted a super crispy waffle, it would have been nice if it had some resistance and maybe changed the texture of the sandwich, instead of relying solely on the bacon to do so.


Floppiness aside, my first bite was pretty good.  The waffle was very good, it had a sweet taste that was definitely satisfying. The egg certainly tasted real and I had no complaints. I did get bacon in that bite as well, but there wasn’t a lot of bacon on the sandwich. The bacon was thin, so you could get some porky smokiness, but the dominant flavor of the sandwich was the waffle, egg, and cheese. It had a good taste, but the sandwich really would have been better served with more bacon. Considering the size of the sandwich, they could probably have a sufficient amount by using two full slices and cutting/folding them to cover the whole interior. There’s no good reason why they couldn’t add more and keep it around the same price.


As I continued eating, the cheese melted and adding some moisture to the sandwich, but I think it would have been better served with an actual sauce. I could see a little drizzle of syrup and/or some hot sauce really livening up the experience. The flavors would go well, and the sandwich wouldn’t be as dry.


I would eat the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich if I was at Dunkin’ and smelled those damn waffles. Surprisingly, considering its size, I was satisfied after I finished. I ate around 11am and wound up skipping lunch that day, which I didn’t expect. I liked the egg, the waffle had a great taste and smell, and the bacon and cheese added just enough salt and texture to make this a win. I’d probably add my own syrup or hot sauce, but that’s an easy fix, and I’d rather add my own syrup than see the sandwich drenched in it. The only qualification is the price. I have a hard time seeing value in a sandwich and iced coffee costing over $7, but if that doesn’t bother you and/or you’re feeling particularly flush in the wallet, then I’d give this a shot.



Next up in my rundown of Taco Bell’s breakfast items is the Waffle Taco. This item, along with the AM Crunchwrap, shows off the different ways in which Taco Bell approaches breakfast. I’ve never seen a Waffle Taco before, but doesn’t it make perfect sense? It should be heartier than a regular taco because the shell is more substantial. It also allows for a pairing of sweet and salty between the waffle and the enclosed fillings.

Pretty sharp box

Pretty sharp box.

Taco Bell offers a choice of meat for the Waffle Taco: bacon or sausage. As we will see later, the sausage should be in patty form, but as of last night, was not served that way. The bacon is meant to be chopped pieces of bacon, but kinda looks like bacon bits. The price for one of these is $1.99, so it costs less than the breakfast burrito options, and to be honest, was just as filling.

This... uh... does not look good

This… uh… does not look good

The Waffle Taco is “a warm waffle wrapped around a delicious sausage patty and fluffy scrambled eggs topped with cheese and served with a side of sweet syrup.” Upon unwrapping the sandwich, the first sense that hit me was the smell. Oh wow did this smell good. It was like waking up and walking into the kitchen as someone who loves you just completed a stack of waffles for you. Or at least the person likes you and wants to impress you. Whatever, the person isn’t important, the waffles are. I ate this three days ago and still remember the scent. I also may or may not be drooling right now. Sorry.

Promo photo!

Promo photo!




As great as this smelled, it looked like a pile of crap. Literally. My first two thoughts were rabbit droppings or dog food. This is where the problem of execution comes in, especially since this was the second day of the breakfast rollout. First off, there was no sausage patty. Instead there were sausage chunks on top of the eggs. They tasted fine (I’ll get to that later), but it really looked unappealing. Second problem, I was not given syrup (and did not know that was an option). While eating this, one of my main complaints/suggestions for improvement was that they should drizzle it with some syrup to up the sweetness and cut into the dryness. Now that I know that’s an option, I’m relieved, but not getting that syrup was a failure on the part of the kitchen.



I tasted a sausage piece (niblet? chunk?) before delving into the whole thing. It was good: a little spicy and a little sweet. If you’ve had sausage breakfast links, you know the taste here. Not huge taste, but at least it isn’t just filler. Before I picked up the waffle, I knew this was going to be greasy, and I was not let down. I went through several napkins eating this. I understand that Taco Bell wants to show off the taco, but maybe serving this is a paper shell (like the Doritos Locos tacos) would be beneficial.

Taco guts?

Taco guts?

My first bite was not as sweet as I’d thought it’d have been, based on the smell of waffle. Here is where the syrup really would’ve helped. When going through the taco, the eggs took a back seat to the bolder flavors of the waffle and sausage. The waffle itself was soft, and not terribly crunchy. It was fluffy and had a sweetness to it, which went really well with the sausage and cheese.

Waffle piece

Waffle piece

Look at those faux-waffle iron marks!

Look at those faux-waffle iron marks!

Whilst eating, I noted that this was a really dry sandwich and needed some sort of sauce. I wound up using some Fire Sauce, which worked really well with the sausage and cheese. Spice was the main flavor in those bites, but it was still a little sweet, so the waffle wasn’t completely overshadowed.

With Fire Sauce

With Fire Sauce

So this is somewhat of an incomplete. At the price, I think the Waffle Taco would be a good value, especially with a sausage patty since it’s pretty filling. However, the execution errors were glaring here. I understand that sometimes food won’t look like the menu picture, but what’s served shouldn’t look inedible. At some point I’ll try this again, hopefully as intended, and it will live up to expectations. But, right now, I’d say maybe wait a bit to order this to ensure that you get what’s advertised.